The Mercedes-Benz EQC Is Saying Yes To The U.S…In A Few Years

November 3rd, 2021 by


Is The EQC Coming To The U.S.?


The Mercedes-Benz company has reportedly changed their tune regarding their EQC electric SUV. At first the vehicle was meant for the launch of the automaker’s electric efforts in North American, however its launch was eventually scrapped entirely. Now, Automotive News is reporting that we’ll indeed see the EQC compact…some day. The next-gen battery-electric should make its way to the States after the current model completes its course.

Automotive News said that dealerships got word from the brand regarding this information this month. At some point, the following generation will join the Mercedes-Benz EV launch, as well as the EQS sedan, and two more upcoming electric cars that will be dubbed the EQE and EQS SUV. On top of this, those living in the States will be able to revel in the electric C-Class-size sedan at dealerships. The report says that the EQC and electric C-Class-size car is set to mark its territory around 2025, though the brand didn’t make an official statement.

On the other hand, the EQC and the upcoming electric C-Class could become a bit problematic. The reason is that the current EQC technically takes the name of the C-Class EV, and since the EQS is essentially the electric counterpart of the S-Class, the EQE will also be the electric version of the E-Class and on and on. With this in mind, it seems that the company’s naming scheme will recycle the name of these SUVs. Therefore, the EQC will likely become the EWC SUV, while the regular EQC will transition to the C-Class EV…but that’s just an assumption.

All things considered, by the time that the U.S. does lay its eyes on the EQC, we’ll be dealing with a very different beast. For the moment, it’s just an electric version of the GLC SUV and it’s not even tied to an EV platform. This type of resolve usually results in compromises for electrics. Last week marked the beginning of the GLC riding on a dedicated electric platform, which should help with the development of packaging and range.

Interior Comforts of The 2022 EQC

While the wait for the EQC may be longer than we’d hoped, let’s at least get a better understanding of what we’ll have in store when the time does come for it to arrive.

First, the brand’s MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Interface) Hyperscreen helps set the tone for the progressive seater-cabin, which is filled with ultra-modern features and features a charming band of slim vents with outlets with a turbine design on each side.

The design is quite simple…for Mercedes-Benz standards, the armrest, pull handle, and side pockets are all infused into one pod. The power driver door also closes automatically with a press of the brake pedal, but this is only if you opt for the Automatic Comfort Door Package. 

Standard features also involve a Burmester surround-sound audio system, a tilt-and-slide panoramic roof, 2-zone automatic climate control, ambient interior lighting, and an Acoustic Comfort Package that tacks on insulation. There’s even a standard Parking Package that comes with a surround-view monitor  and a fingerprint scanner for driver authentication.

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