The 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Is Giving You The 3-D Experience With Their New Infotainment System

July 15th, 2020 by



German luxury vehicle superstar, Mercedes-Benz more than blessed us when it implemented voice recognition in its MBUX infotainment system. The company paired the software with Amazon, Apple, and Google services, thereby providing a more personalized, versatile, and all-around capable experience. As usual, the automaker wants to push the boundaries even more with its upcoming S-Class sedan. Along with the probable expansion of voice controls, it’s also replacing more features that were previously controlled by physical buttons.

According to Mercedes, the instrument cluster will display a 3D-type of the interface, it will also make use of stereo cameras that follow the eyes of the driver. The traditional LCD display will be used and joined with an LCD aperture grille that is positioned just a few milliliters from the display. When the driver moves his or her head, the aperture will arrange itself in a mirrored position, especially to ensure that the 3D function is still effective. However, if a driver isn’t too fond of this function, the company states that this feature can be disabled.

The new infotainment screen will also be moved from the dashboard to the center stack in the latest S-Class. The company states that the 12.8-inch OLED display, plus the new swiping motion and additional gesture controls will serve as the replacement for the surplus 27 physical keys in the sedan. As you can see, this car is certainly no station wagon and would be more ideal for those who are comfortable with using technology as a regular function. Climate controls are still available on the large screen.

The formation of the screen has gone through a significant improvement as opposed to this year’s MBUX version, as the tablet’s layout now has a grid format rather swiping left and right as a means to access the main features. Mercedes also says that the latest system will have a 50 percent increase in processing power than its older sibling.

Also, Mercedes voice assistance provides more information for drivers, such as directing users to the location of the first aid kit and guiding passengers through Bluetooth® pairing. Additional natural language capabilities have been added to the system, which makes it able to answer more questions regarding “general knowledge” or comprehension of commands in 27 languages.


Passengers of the 2021 S-Class will also have their share of a truly interactive Mercedes experience. By using the activation command “Hey Mercedes”, passengers can make requests of their own. Mikes have been put on both front and rear seats, and three optional screens have been placed for back seat passengers. Everyone has the ability to share his or her media with other passengers by simply dragging and dropping it on the display.

Rear passengers can also set destinations in the navigation system, which can prove to be helpful to the driver so that it doesn’t interrupt their focus on the road.

Drivers are also gifted with the head-up display with the augmented reality navigation system. Arrows will appear on the screen and tell the driver where to turn within their eye level.



Lastly, the S-Class infotainment display makes use of biometric security in order to log into the Mercedes Me app for purchases and set the driver’s profile. Besides the PIN, the screen has a fingerprint sensor, which can use its two cameras for facial recognition or log in through the driver’s voice. This feature is a necessary security measure for households that share a car, especially parents who want to prevent their teenie boppers going on a full-on spending spree. 

If you currently own the current version of the MBUX system, you’re not left out. A representative of Mercedes recently told blog site, Car and Driver, “Certain features will be available for purchase in the Mercedes Me store.”

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Photo Source/Copyright: Mercedes-Benz