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    • How to Care for Your Mercedes-Benz Interior

      One thing that will always be true is that much of life is focused on appearances. This is often inconvenient and it can take work to show the world that you take pride in yourself and what you've accomplished. But you're smart; you've already made a brilliant investment in a Mercedes Benz. Now, let's talk about how to protect your car's beautiful interior and, let's be honest, your image!

    • What's the Difference Between a Standard Mercedes-Benz and an AMG® Model?

      If you're looking at a brochure, magazine, or website to help you decide which Mercedes-Benz is right for you, there will be standard models and some models with the initials AMG® in the name. So, what is an AMG® model and how do they differ from a standard Mercedes-Benz?

    • Why use a Mercedes-Benz Dealership for your Routine Maintenance

      It's important to keep up with your luxury vehicle's routine maintenance, and the Mercedes-Benz dealership is the perfect place to do so. Your friendly dealer will help you create a maintenance schedule for premium performance. Thanks to their extensive mechanical knowledge, certified Mercedes-Benz personnel will keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Read on to discover the best reasons to visit the dealership for your regular car care.

    • Why use a Mercedes-Benz Dealership to replace your tires

      Don't put off replacing your tires - take your vehicle to the Mercedes-Benz dealership for certified expertise and service. There you'll receive the star treatment. Mercedes-Benz dealers always deliver certified parts, ensuring your vehicle's performance far into the future. Their certified Mercedes-Benz mechanics will replace your tires safely and efficiently. Read on to learn how a Mercedes-Benz dealer can keep your ride in tip-top shape.

    • Why use a Mercedes-Benz Dealership when the check engine light turns on

      If your check engine light pops on unexpectedly, head to your friendly Mercedes-Benz dealership to resolve the issue. We've got the expertise to set your problems right. Read on to learn why the Mercedes-Benz dealer is best suited to diagnose and repair any complications you might have. Call John Sisson Motors to schedule an appointment today!

    • Why use a Mercedes-Benz Dealership when your brakes start to squeal

      If you can hear your brakes start to squeal, take Mercedes-Benz to John Sisson Motors to get the pads replaced. That irritating sound means you've worn your brake pads down to near 15 percent thickness - perhaps less if you've been putting the problem off. The Mercedes-Benz dealership is best equipped to fix your brake issues. Read on to find out why.

  • Car Advocate Articles

    • Why a Used Mercedes-Benz is Better Than a New Regular Sedan for Handling and Safety

      The used Mercedes-Benz lineup is so refined and luxurious that brand new regular sedans simply can't compete. From behind the wheel, your used Mercedes delivers responsive handling and a smooth, refined ride. Even your used model's infotainment gadgets are an improvement over that of many brand new vehicles. And, of course, Mercedes-Benz has always been a leader when it comes to safety equipment, providing systems that outclass all others. Come in and test drive a used Mercedes-Benz today!

    • Why a Used Mercedes-Benz is Better than a Brand New Sedan

      In the battle for superior handling and safety, used Mercedes-Benz models are so advanced that they best even brand new regular sedans. From behind the wheel, you can't help but marvel at your used Benz's precise steering and responsiveness. The brand leads the way when it comes to safety and technology. Discover why a used Mercedes-Benz is an excellent purchase, even compared to brand new sedans, or come in and test drive a Mercedes-Benz today.

    • Your Mercedes Decoder Ring: How to Figure Out What You Want to Drive and Buy

      When Mercedes announced in late 2014 that they would be changing their decades-long straightforward approach to naming their models, they promised that they were doing so to avoid confusion as they rolled out 11 new models before 2020. Perhaps they had the goal to keep things simple, but the changes for many Mercedes fans have been anything but.

  • Suv Advocate Articles

    • How the new Mercedes-Benz SUV can keep you alive in Jurassic World

      The 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV is the perfect pick for an adventure in Jurassic World - it's sleek, powerful, and as upscale as the park itself. If you're planning a trip to the world-famous attraction, you should probably prepare for all worst possible scenarios. Should any assets escape containment, here's how the new Mercedes-Benz model will help you navigate Jurassic World in one piece. Come in and test drive a Mercedes-Benz today!