Mercedes-Benz Three-Pointed Concept Shines Like The Red Sun

June 12th, 2020 by


It’s an automotive catfight in the war of brand awareness. Different car making companies are trying different tactics to create distinct looks for their vehicles, this is usually done through the modification of the overall shape and structure of the models, however brands like BMW, in particular, are placing a bigger emphasis on their iconic logos rather than the shape itself. BMW for example expanded its kidney grille into an incredibly large shape on its new 4 Series. It seems that with the help of automotive designer, Wayne Jung, Mercedes is following suit with its Redsun concept vehicle.

The Redsun concept makes show-stopping appearance with its three-pointed star logo…We know what your thinking, “Isn’t that every Mercedes vehicle?” Guess again my friend, the logo that you’re probably thinking of is its small and somewhat unnoticeable silver star logo, it’s usually stamped on the front of the car but with the RedSun, this caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly with its massive 3-star shape that nearly covers the entire front area of the car with brilliant LED lights. 

The car is powered by solar energy and its intense red exterior is really red-stained solar paneling in disguise. The dominating Mercedes logo doesn’t just cover the front, but also the taillight in the back, as well as the rims of the vehicle’s wheels, making the brand’s presence impossible to miss for onlookers. In theory, this heavy emphasis on the logo might seem a bit too much, but simply looking at Jung’s pictures should change their perspective. In some odd way, the creative genius was able to design the concept to where the large logos are integral to the car’s allure. 

The Redsun also includes transparent solar panels on the hood and sun-roof, and solar “fins” that expand on the side that act as solar trackers while the car is parked, letting the vehicle to take full advantage of the sun’s energy. Not surprisingly, since the car is chiefly powered by solar radiation (and a bit from an electrical standpoint), cooling plays an integral role as well. The air vents aid in directing air around the panels to maintain a cooler temperature, while the car’s collection of batteries is also fixed near the roof, which lets cool air continually prevent overheating while the car in motion. 

Collectively, the Redsun is a near-perfect fusion of some pretty unique ideas ranging from the application of solar energy to the fresh and unfamiliar approach of branding into something that’s not just functional but also highly conspicuous. This new concept is certainly something that Mercedes should push before other brands try to catch on as well, and if they are successful, it will be another reminder that the German luxury brand is a force to be reckoned with!


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Photo Source/Copyright: Yanko Design by designer Wayne Jung