Mercedes-Benz Shows Its Sensitive Side With Its New Steering Wheels In The 2021 E-Class

May 14th, 2020 by


Mercedes-Benz press towards the expansion of touch-sensitive consoles is in motion to materialize with the announcement of a new steering wheel preparing to be released later this year on the 2021 E-Class household of sedans and wagons. The luxury company has revealed some new details regarding its new tiller, and in case you were an admirer of the touch-sensitive squares on the current Benz models, you’ll be excited to know that all steering wheel controls on the next-gen E-Class will have capacitive touch-sensitive abilities proceeding.

A Brand New Trio

There are three new steering wheels that will be offered, which all depends on the trim and model. According to the company, these new wheels will eventually be used throughout the brand’s lineup and all will include a new batch of successors for Touch Control systems that will broaden the currently marginal capacitive touch-sensitive panels in this next year’s vehicle, thus, doing away with the old school knobs and switches.

Are YOU There Yet?

The sides of the wheel will also have sensors implemented in it to inform the vehicle that the driver is gripping onto it, which in turn helps the Mercedes-Benz semi-autonomous steering system in briefing as to whether or not the driver is still being attentive to the road as to opposed to previously having to steer the wheel every now and then in the current models. Soon enough the system won’t oblige steering since it will automatically sense if the driver has had his or her hand on the wheel via a two-zone sensor pad.

“Cosmetic” Treatment

The three wheels offered on the E-Class will be in Luxury, Sport and Supersport versions. The Luxury model spokes shape will have what Mercedes calls a “chalice inspired by elegant Callas flowers,” with two spokes including all of the capacitive panels. The Supersport model’s rim has a smaller diameter as well as two double-decker spokes that are “reminiscent of the wheel wing nuts of sports cars.” The Sport’s make has not yet been revealed. Overall, sizes range from the 15 inches in the Luxury model to 14.6 inches for the Supersport.

“The steering wheel rim is the secret kingmaker of a steering wheel. “Its geometric design is a science in itself that cannot be found in any textbook. The wreath must fit snugly in the hand. If it is a millimeter too much, it feels unpleasantly bulging. If it’s a millimeter too little, it feels like it’s starved. And that impression then clouds the overall feel of the car.” said Hans-Peter Wunderlich, creative director, interior design when describing how the new system feels in the latest Mercedes models.

 How Well Does This Really Work?

Of course, it is not yet known to the public as to how the steering wheels will perform, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully, this will alleviate any concerns with the current wheel as it has been critiqued for having areas on the wheel that drivers can’t touch since there is a risk of unintentionally activating a system or changing a setting. It almost appears as if that expanding this feature in that sector would only worsen the problem, but for now, we’ll have to take Wunderlich’s “review” into account until we can do our own evaluation.

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Photo Source/Copyright: via Mercedes-Benz