Is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class expensive to maintain?

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The C-Class is not as Expensive to Maintain as People Think

A prevailing myth in the US is how expensive to maintain imported European cars are. Forums are littered with people saying how their luxury sedan needs its transmission replaced and how it’ll cost a few grand. What a rip-off! When prospective buyers read that sort of thing, it’s easy to consider such claims in a vacuum. However, things like transmissions are expensive for any car and those high-priced quotes often include installation and labor costs as well. But what about all the other stuff, like basic maintenance? How expensive is that?

Let us tell you if the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is expensive to maintain or not.

Affordable Mercedes Maintenance

The C-Class is only a little more expensive to maintain and fix than your average Japanese sedan. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • The Mercedes-Benz Flexible Service Schedule (FSS)
  • Vehicle Popularity and Availability

The Easy-to-Follow FSS

Many outrageous maintenance costs are a result of vehicle neglect. For instance, you’ve most likely witnessed someone slow to a stop and heard the vehicle’s brakes squealing the whole way. This isn’t a problem for Mercedes owners. If you’ve owned a Mercedes or have looked into owning one, then you’re familiar with Service A/B. At 10,000 miles your Mercedes needs to be taken in for Service A; at 20,000, it’ll need Service B. Every 10,000 miles, your Mercedes will need scheduled maintenance, alternating between A and B each time. Your vehicle tracks which service is needed with an integrated Maintenance Service Indicator System. Breakdowns due to unintentional neglect are completely mitigated in this way.

More Supply = Less Expensive

When there were fewer Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the States, prices were much higher. Fewer people owned them, so parts were scarcer, as were able mechanics. As time has passed, the market has increased, and supply with it. Nowadays, European import parts are marginally more expensive than their Asian import competitors. If you do need something replaced, you don’t have to pay the astronomical prices the internet or your domestic-only car friend would have you believe.

Mercedes-Benz Services near Pittsburgh, PA

Is your Mercedes due for its Service A or B? Schedule an appointment with John Sisson Motors online or give us a call. Also consider getting some new winter tires to make sure your Mercedes is ready for the fast-approaching winter months.

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