How Run Flat Tires Work to Give You Extended Range In Your Mercedes-Benz

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How Do I Know If My Run Flat Tire Is Punctured?

Back in the day, a puncture to your car’s tire meant you needed to immediately pull over and replace it with the spare. These days, a flat tire isn’t such an immediate concern thanks in part to run flat tires, such as the extended mobility tires you might find on your Mercedes-Benz.

There is a lot to know about run flat tires, and some drivers may wonder how they can tell if the tire is punctured if the tire is designed to continue driving even after the rubber has been penetrated. We’ll answer that question and more down below.

First, How Do Run Flat Tires Work?

As the name suggests, a run flat tire allows you to continue driving even if there is a leak in the tire. The tire is able to accomplish this thanks to the use of reinforced sidewalls in the tire design.

When a puncture occurs and air starts to leak out, the reinforced sections of the sidewall will keep the tire from going completely flat. It won’t retain the shape of a properly inflated tire, but it will retain enough shape to allow you to continue driving for a period of time.

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Benefits of Mercedes-Benz Run Flat Tires

Though we can’t speak for all tires and all vehicle manufacturers, the run flat tires that may be on your Mercedes-Benz are engineered to allow you to drive a considerable distance even when the tire is punctured. In fact, you may be able to travel up to 50 miles, at speeds up to 50 mph, even if the tire has completely lost all internal pressure.

You won’t want to drive on the tire longer than this, but it should give you enough time to seek out a Mercedes-Benz service center rather than stopping on the side of the road to flag down help.

Is My Mercedes-Benz Extended Mobility Tire Punctured?

Even though run flat tires on your Mercedes-Benz are designed for extended use after a puncture, if you suspect there may be a pressure leak, it’s still a good idea to stop the vehicle to ensure no excessive damage has occurred. If this isn’t the case, you may continue driving on, but keep in mind that your car may not have the same performance capabilities with a leaky tire.

So, how can you tell if the tire is punctured? Well, even though the tire is designed for extended mobility, you will still get an alert via the car’s tire pressure monitoring system. Moreover, through an inspection of the tire, you should still be able to see that the tire isn’t completely inflated. It may not appear completely flat, but it will still appear somewhat deflated compared to the rest of the vehicle’s tires.

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