5 Trailblazing Technologies Featured In The 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

August 5th, 2020 by

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The 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is fast approaching, as it is set to be released later this year, with the full unveiling being shown this September. Although for now the latest model still hides in its camouflage, one thing that we do know is that this sedan will be filled with the latest and most advanced interior features and technology such as with air-bags for rear-seat passengers, E-Active Body Control, and Pre-Safe Impulse side and more. Here are 5 Trailblazing Technologies Featured In The 2021 Mercedes S-Class.

Airbags for The Back Seat

Yes, you read that right! The latest S-Class will feature wing-shaped airbags for rear passengers. These airbags will be placed inside the front seat backs and will activate in the case of a frontal collision. Apparently, the deployment of the rear airbags will still work with the mounted flat screens. Both front headrests will include this system, but only if the driver opts for the executive rear-seat package.

“With the new S-Class we are now proudly presenting the world’s first frontal airbag for the passengers in the rear,” said Dr. Thomas W. Hellmuth, head of body and safety for the S-Class. “The rear airbag with an innovative, tubular structure is unique, allowing it to deploy in a gentle manner. Naturally, the passengers should continue to fasten their seatbelts, and now with the new, illuminated-design belt buckles, putting on seat belts is even more intuitive.”

Rear-Axle Steering

The next innovative tech feature is Mercedes’s optional rear-axle steering. With this system, the rear wheels now have the ability to turn 10 degrees for a more quick and controlled type of maneuvering while in the tight city streets. The turning radius will also be reduced by 7 feet.

There will be two different available variants to choose for the rear-wheel steering, one with 4.5 degrees and the other with 10.

“The rear-axle steering makes the S-Class as maneuverable as a compact car,” said Jürgen Weissinger, chief engineer. “Even for the S-Class with a long wheelbase, the turning radius is reduced to under 36 feet. And thanks to Active Parking Assist with 360-degree camera, the vehicle can fit into tight parking spaces while monitoring whether anybody is moving within that space. When leaving a space, the S-Class keeps a wary eye out for crossing traffic.”

Active Blind Spot Assist

In compact cities, pedestrians and especially bicyclists have a tendency to bump into car doors when passengers open them seemingly out of the blue. However, thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment in the latest S-Class, passengers will be warned of an approaching pedestrian before they actually open the door.

“As another feature celebrating its world premiere, the exit warning function now gives a warning as soon as the driver or front passenger reaches for the door,” says Dr. Michael Hafner, head of automated driving. “This is because the MBUX Interior Assistant recognizes when a hand approaches the door handle.”

How it works is that when the MBUX Interior Assistant senses either a vehicle or person approaching, a red warning triangle will be shown on the outside mirror. 

E-Active Body Control

This system has already made its debut with quite a few of the latest Mercedes SUVs. With the E-Active Body Control, the active suspension system stimulates and stabilizes its body with the dampers. This system is a combination of traditional dampers and an active hydraulic cylinder. Ultimately, it allows drivers to stabilize the body in curves, in more dynamic bends, or simply driving straight ahead uneven roads, to minimize the impacts of acceleration on the passengers.

“The motor/pump units at all four wheels are coordinated by a central control unit which also actuates the valves and the compressor for the air springs, and therefore always controls the entire suspension system,” Mercedes adds.

Pre-Safe Impulse Side

Last but not least, perhaps one of the most game-changing technologies featured in this list is the Pre-Safe Impulse Side. This system actually works with the E-Active Body Control to swiftly raise the body of the car up to 3 inches if it senses an impending collision. Mercedes believes that by doing this, only the studier part of the door will be affected upon impact, rather than the entire door. The intention is also to reduce the contortion of the passenger cell.

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