2021 Mercedes EQA Gives Us A Tease In Snowy Sweden

February 27th, 2020 by

Camouflaged Prototype

The first EQA concept from the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show is now yesterday’s news as the eponym production model will exchange the three-door hatchback body style for a 5-door crossover. It has already been confirmed by Mercedes that the final version on its entry-level EV will be unveiled at some point this year. In order to ease the wait, the German luxury brand has now released some images taken in frosty the country of Sweden.

Other pictures that were captured show a prototype that appears to be carrying a full production body while enduring harsh winter tests as Mercedes aims to make its electric cars work magnificently even at temperatures well below freezing. In the current tests of the European country, the engineers are being extra attentive to the management of the battery of the interior while keeping a watchful eye on how the battery is charging at temperatures of about 0 degrees Celsius. 

Photo Source/Copyright: Motor1

Assessment of the EQA prototypes also includes observing the new crossover’s traction control and energy recovery systems on ice and snow, in addition to being certain that all of the onboard safety systems are working properly.

Though Mercedes still won’t spill the beans on trending topics like the powertrain, it’s worth knowing that the EQA concept counted on a matched set of electric motors projecting a combination of 268 horsepower and an immediate torque of 398 lb-ft. This gave the showcar a 0 to 60 mph acceleration in precisely five seconds and an all-wheel-drive layout as one electric motor fired up the front axle while the other stood at the rear wheels.

On the subject of the battery, the Concept EQA (as it was known by its official name), had a pack with an extent of more than 60 kWh. This gave it a driving range of roughly 249 miles via the now prehistoric NEDC, therefore, notably less based on WLTP and presumably even less based on EPA’s testing procedures.

Production of the 2021 Mercedes model will ensue at the Smart factory in Hambach where Daimler is investing €500 million (roughly $542M at present exchange rates), hence, making the electric GLA the first Mercedes model to ever be constructed in France. A more boxy EQB model is acting as the zero-emissions correspondent of the GLB is expected to go on sale in 2021.

Photo Source/Copyright: Motor1

In the meantime, Mercedes will expand its electrified givings next week at the Geneva Motor Show with the reveal of various plug-in hybrid descendants of the E-Class reconstruction. Moreover, “new models from the family of compact hybrids” are pre-planned, so it shouldn’t come as a shock if we notice the PHEV versions of the GLA / GLB and/or CLA using a duplicate powertrain as the A250e and B 250e.

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