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Recommended Services

Ask your advisor for information regarding these and other services recommended for 
your vehicle, indicated by the Service Light on your display console.
A Service

  • Function check 
  • Check warning and interior lamps, illumination and interior lighting
  • Check windshield wiper, windshield washing system and headlamp cleaning system.
  • Reset Main Service Counter
Wheels, Brakes
  • Check brake pads for thickness
  • Check tires for damage and condition
  • Correct tire pressure and reset tire pressure monitor (if equipped)
Engine Compartment
  • Change oil and filter, using Mobil One Full Synthetic oil
  • Fluid level checks of the following systems 
                1. Windshield washer system
                2. Brake System
                3. Engine cooling system, antifreeze, and corrosion protection.
  • Check and correct battery fluid level
  • Check battery condition using battery Midtronics tester.
  • Check safety catch and hinges on hood for proper operation.

B Service (Completes A Service checklist Plus:)
  • Check Dust filter/ recommend if needed
  • Check combination filter/ recommend if needed
  • Check parking brake (function test of system)
Wheel, Brakes
  • Check condition/ thickness of front and rear rotors/discs
  • Measure tread depth and record readings
Underside of Vehicle
  • Check for component leakage
  • check for chafe marks, line routing, and damage components
  • Check condition of front ball joints and rubber boots
  • Check all suspension components for damage or wear
  • Check condition of mechanical steering components and boots
Engine Compartment
  • Check for fluid leaks
  • Check and replenish all fluid levels
  • Check power steering operation
  • Check Active Body control
  • Check Condition of the Poly V-Belt 
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