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John Sisson Motors

470 Washington Road
Washington, PA 15301

  • Sales: (888) 811-1897

Customer Testimonials

  • Simply an amazing dealership, from the sales representative to the financing representative to the service department, John Sisson Mercedes Benz is a class act. I can't say enough good things about them. Please share this with them, they've surpassed excellence and add additional integrity to the Mercedes Benz name.


  • You should be very proud of your team representing your Service Dept. Bob Anderson and his staff are top shelf. I am treated like one of the family. Thank you
- H.T.

  • Yesterday, On Jan 22nd, 2013 the coldest day of the year I got a flat tire on 79N. Talk about scared to death! I called your dealership and the service department was closed but the representative said come on in any way we'll take care of you and they did just that. By the time I arrived at your location I was fried my emotions torn to pieces and then came Robyn, Customer Service at John Sission Motors. She heard my cries, she listen to me pour out my soul to her about my freighting experience on 79. My experience on 79 will soon go away but my experience with Robin yesterday will never be forgotten. I will cherish her kindness and hold it close to my heart and render it to someone else in their time of need. I'm thankful you hired her and placed her there yesterday to service your customers. She made the difference and I will forever be appreciative.
    - Anonymous

  • I have to say working with Robyn by far was the most personable experience I have ever had. Steve was great to speak with and work with. I have to say working with the folks there is certainly like no other car buying experience I have had in all of my years buying my vehicles! Amazing experience! Also the owners of the company I work for have bought Lexus models for as long as I can think of. I wouldn't be surprise if sometime they might be heading your way. Too soon to tell, however they love what they see, who knows what the new year may bring. Thank you once again!

    - D. R.

  • I recently worked with Don LaPorte a member of the sales staff...A true professional, who made us feel completely at ease with the sales process. Also Mr. LaPorte knew his product and walked us through everything with ease. A fantastic approach that never made us feel uncomfortable, and allowed us to make the correct choice. I will tell you, I have purchased over 15 cars in my lifetime and can honestly say this was the most painless and positive experience we have had. An asset to the dealership. Thank you Sisson Mercedes! -M.K.
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